Liquid Copper Tube Chill Plates

Liquid Copper Tube Chill Plates

Aluminum Chill Plates uses imbedded copper tubing with one pass up to six passes. These Chill Plates are designed primarily for the high power inverter markets and are ideal for cooling large IGBT modules.

  • Aluminum Chill Plates with one, two, four or six passes of imbedded copper tubing available in lengths up to three feet long.
  • Custom configurations available.
  • Available with drilled and tapped holes for the mounting of semiconductors and brackets.

We offer IGBT Module Chill Plates. Double sided copper chiller designed for high efficiency cooling of large IGBT modules. A unique internal structure provides a very low thermal resistance and pressure drop with uniform temperature across both contact surfaces. Nickel plated with brazed hose fittings.

Item # Width Length (in) Thermal Resistance Number of Passes


5.5 7.5 0.006 1


8 12 0.004 6


8 6 0.008 6


5 12 0.005 4


5 6 0.015 4


2.25 Custom Custom 2


2 Custom Custom 1