Heat Sinks

C&H Technology specializes in extruded aluminum heat sinks, bonded fin heat sinks, folded fin heat sinks, liquid cooled chill blocks and aluminum chill plate heat sinks for power electronic semiconductors and assemblies. We offer a full range of heat sinks for cooling your power electronic application from 10 watts to 10,000 watts. With our extensive inventory we can accommodate any size order from prototypes to large production runs. Made in the USA!

Bonded Fin Heat Sinks

Bonded fin and folded fin air cooled heat sinks tailored for power electronic semiconductors and assemblies. High fin density heat sinks offer very low thermal resistance.

  • Single Fan, Double Fan and Triple Fan bonded fin heat sinks available with thermal resistance as low as .0175 C/W.
  • Custom Bonded Fin heat sinks are available enabling the engineer with the ability, to tailor their cooling requirements to a specific design.
  • Custom bonded fin copper heat sinks with up to 3X the cooling of aluminum heat sinks.
  • High performance Impingement Bonded Fin Heat Sinks with extremely low cost per watt.
  • Variety of plating options available including anodizing, chromating, RoHS compliant Alodine 5200 and Acculabs 628.
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Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink

A variety of shapes available for devices ranging from small discrete components, power modules and stud type devices to large 100mm hokey puks. Wide selection of aluminum Extruded heat sink extrusion designed for both natural convection as well as forced air cooling.

  • Custom extrusion dies available.
  • Wide selection of industry standard shapes as well as custom shapes.
  • Variety of plating options available including anodizing, chromating, RoHS compliant Alodine 5200 and Acculabs 628.
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Liquid Chill Blocks

Copper Chill Blocks for hockey puk devices ranging in size from 19mm to 100mm. Nickel plated solid copper chill blocks utilizing a Furnas brazing process ideal for the induction heating industry.

  • Unique internal design offers ultra low thermal resistance.
  • Use standard 3/8” NPTF pipe thread for fittings.
  • 32 micron finish on pole surfaces.
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Liquid Copper Tube Chill Plates

Aluminum Chill Plates uses imbedded copper tubing with one pass up to six passes. These Chill Plates are designed primarily for the high power inverter markets and are ideal for cooling large IGBT modules.

  • Aluminum Chill Plates with one, two, four or six passes of imbedded copper tubing available in lengths up to three feet long.
  • Custom configurations available.
  • Available with drilled and tapped holes for the mounting of semiconductors and brackets.

We offer IGBT Module Chill Plates. Double sided copper chiller designed for high efficiency cooling of large IGBT modules. A unique internal structure provides a very low thermal resistance and pressure drop with uniform temperature across both contact surfaces. Nickel plated with brazed hose fittings.

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