We offer two types of hockey puk clamps for mounting hockey puk semiconductors to heat sinks. Bar Clamps are used for double sided cooling applications. They have a stack of preloaded Belleville springs which guarantees the perpendicularity of the clamping force. An indicator washer on the spring guide indicates when the correct clamping force is achieved. Box clamps are used for single sided cooling applications. They use internal Belleville springs and the proper clamping force is achieved when four corner bolts are tightened and the box clamp housing comes in contact with the heat sink.

Bar Clamps

Press-pack clamps

High Temperature Semiconductor Clamps

Thyristor Diode Mounting Clamps


  • For disc (puk) type semiconductors up to 150 mm diameter, double side cooled
  • Pre calibrated clamping forces from 5 KN (1125 lbs) to 95 KN (21,375 lbs)
  • Proven design, assemble with common tools
  • Easy field replacement
  • Choose your bolt length
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Box Clamps


  • For disc (puk) type semiconductors up to 80 mm diameter, single side cooled
  • Provides for electrical connection (anode or cathode)
  • Can accommodate overall puk diameters to 80 mm
  • Precalibrated clamping forces up to 17 KN (3,825 lbs)
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