Air Cooled Assemblies

C&H Technology offers standard assemblies in single or three phase configurations of Rectifier (Diode) Bridge, Thyristor (SCR) Bridge, and AC-Switch circuits. Our Standard Air-Cooled Assemblies utilize C&H Technology’s extensive inventory of high-power semiconductors paired with our line of Extruded or Bonded Fin Heat Sinks. Assemblies for higher power output current ratings have been developed with Hockey Puk Semiconductors mounted to Aluminum Extruded Heat Sinks and secured with C&H Technology-developed Bar Clamps. Additional accessories include Snubber Circuits, Thermal Switches, Varistors, Fuses, Mounting Hardware, and more.

Single Phase Diode Bridge

View Single Phase Diode Bridge

Three Phase Diode Bridge

View Three Phase Diode Bridge

Single Phase Thyristor Bridge

View Single Phase Thyristor Bridge

Three Phase Thyristor Bridge

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Single Phase AC Switch

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Three Phase AC Switch

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