IGBT Modules

C&H Technology has partnered with Powerex & Vishay to provide a wide variety of IGBT modules to the industrial power electronics market. These high efficiency IGBT modules from Powerex and Vishay feature industry standard packages with your choice of pt or npt silicon. These modules are ideal choices for high frequency power applications such as: Welding, Battery Charging, Motor Drives, UPS Power Supplies, Traction Inverters, Power Factor Correction Systems and Switch Mode Power Supplies. Low thermal resistance combined with low Vce(on) silicon allow the  IGBT module to operate at higher case temperatures while maintaining the operating junction temperature within safe limits. We also offer RC snubbers, flyback diodes and IGBT heat sink assembly products.

IGBT Module

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  • Standard and Ultrafast IGBT’s with frequencies up 200 kHz in resonant mode
  • Dedicated silicon for specific applications such as High Frequency welding, UPS, Motor drives.
  • Ic from 20A up to 400A, voltage range 600V and 1200V, with switching frequency from 1kHz up to 150kHz.
  • Packages: MTP, Int-A-Pak, SIP, SOT-227, Econo-2
  • Circuits: 4Pak,6Pak,Half Bridge,Full Bridge,Chopper,Single Switch,Chopper,PIM (bridge-brake-inverter)
  • Low-Vce(on)
  • Low EMI for less snubbing
  • Low junction-to-case thermal resistance
  • 100% Lead Free and RoHS Compliant
  • UL approved

Contact us today about our IGBTs module options or RC snubbers, flyback diodes and heat sink assembly products.

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