Clamps For Puk Semiconductors

Press-Pack Clamps, High Temperature Semiconductor Clamps and Thyristor Diode Mounting Clamps 

We offer two types of hockey puk clamps for mounting hockey puk semiconductors to heat sinks. Bar Clamps are used for double sided cooling applications. They have a stack of preloaded Belleville springs which guarantees the perpendicularity of the clamping force. An indicator washer on the spring guide indicates when the correct clamping force is achieved. Box clamps are used for single sided cooling applications. They use internal Belleville springs and the proper clamping force is achieved when four corner bolts are tightened and the box clamp housing comes in contact with the heat sink.

Our clamp configuration tool will assist with choosing the correct clamp for your application based on the size and thickness of the disc semiconductor, necessary clamping force and total heat sink thickness.

Hockey puk clamp Heat sink clamp

  • Easy field replacement
  • For disc semiconductors up to 150mm diameter
  • Clamping forces from 5kN to 95kN
  • No special tools need during assembly
  • Pre-calibrated for ease of use
  • RoHS compliant corrosion resistant plating
  • Insulator dielectric rating of 85KV/mm

  • For single sided cooling applications
  • For disc semiconductors up to 80mm
  • Clamping forces up 5kN to 17kN(3825 lbs.)
  • Pre-calibrated for ease of use
  • RoHS compliant corrosion resistant plating

Clamp Selection
The choice of the clamp suitable for each different application can be made according to three main parameters. These parameters will help you choose between heat sink clamps, SCR clamps, diode clamps, rectifier clamps, thyristor clamps and other hockey puk clamps.

  • Type of semiconductor (diameter and thickness)
  • Requested clamping force
  • Total clamping thickness (puk + heatsink web thickness)

Technical Characteristics
The bars of the clamps are machined out of cold rolled steel and plated with ROHS compliant Alodine 5200.
The cup shaped springs are made of steel UNI 50CrV4. Upon request they can be made of stainless steel.
The screws and bolts are made of steel class 8.8.

Insulator Properties
The insulators for the clamps are made of polyammide 6.6 with 50% glass fiber added. They have dielectric property of 85KV/mm. The thickness of the IB8 insulator is 1.7 mm, the IB10 is 2.7mm working temperature of 145 C.

Clamping Force Conversion; 1 KN=225 LBS, 1 Kg=9.806N, 1 Kg=2.2 LBS.

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