C&H Technology offers a wide selection of Rectifier Assemblies using Diodes, Thyristor’s (SCR’s) and IGBT’s. Choose from a large selection of standard rectifier circuits and configurations. Custom assemblies tailored to specific customer requirements are also available with different Buss Bar options. C&H Technology offers a configuration tool to help build the correct assembly part number based on your specific application and parameters. Many industry standard heat sinks are in stock to enable quick turn around. C&H Technology also offers Snubber Circuits, SCR Firing Circuits, MOV Protection and Thermal Switches that can be added to any of our Rectifier Assemblies. Insulated mounting feet and mounting hardware are available as well.

Air cooled assembly
Liquid cooled assembly
Solid state relay assembly

Air and Liquid Cooled Assemblies

  • Thermal management: Natural Convection, Air Cooled and Liquid Cooled
  • Circuit Types: Single Phase Bridge, Three Phase Bridge, Six Phase Star, Scott”T”, Back to Back SCR, AC Switch, Anti-Parallel SCR’s
  • Current Ratings: 50A – 20,000A
  • Voltage Ratings: 100V – 6,000V

Solid State Relay Assemblies

Assemblies from 10-125 amps for both single phase and three phase applications. Zero or Random Crossing, Input voltages: 90-280 VAC. 3-32 VDC. Output Voltages: 24-280 VAC, 48-660 VAC. The relay modules are matched with the optimal size heat sink for economy and performance.

High Power Heat Sink Assembly Accessories
Semiconductor Fuses • Terminal Blocks • Copper Bus Bars • Bimetallic Thermal Switches • Thermistors • RC Networks • Snubber Circuits • Gate Drivers • MOV’s • Glastic Mounting Feet

For your High Power applications we also offer: SCR, Thyristor, Rectifiers, Diode, IGBT, Heat Sinks, and Clamps.

Contact us today about heat sink assembly, rectifier assembly and other assembly questions!

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