Technical Library

C&H Technology’s technical library is set up to provide a prompt quality solution to customer inquires from Diode Rectifiers to Thyristors to IGBT modules. In addition to application notes and design tips available on our website, we have qualified application engineers available to address your questions by email or by phone (1-800-274-4284).

Our Technical Library currently focuses on Diode Rectifier Application Notes, Thyristor (SCR) Application Notes and IGBT Application Notes.

Application Notes

Document Description
AN-01-1 Why Ohmmeters cannot be used to determine semiconductor quality
AN-02-7 Power Factor Correction using Fast Diodes
AN-02-8 Design Guidelines for Schottky Rectifiers
AN-08-1 IAP_Mounting_Instructions
AN-08-2 Mounting Instructions Stud Package
AN-08-3 Clamping Instructions for Hockey Puk
AN-08-3A Mounting Instructions for C070D Bar Clamps
AN-08-3B Mounting Instructions for C089D and C102B Bar Clamps
AN-08-3C Mounting Instructions for C140 and C155A Bar Clamps
AN-08-4 Power Die Application
AN-08-5 Power Loss Calculations
AN-08-06 SCR Application Notes
AN-305 Calculation of Rectangular Waveform Current Rating of Thyristors
AN-309 SCRs - Their Parameters, Specifications, Ratings, and Characteristics
AN-312 SCR Selection Guide for DC Motor Drives
AN-0801 MTP Mounting Instructions
AN-941 Parelleling Power Mosfets
AN-983A IGBT Characteristics
AN-984 Protecting IGBT Against Short Circuit
AN-990 Application Characterization of IGBT's
AN-1010 PowerTab Mounting
AN-1012 Mounting Instructions for SOT-227 Module
AN-1060 Handling Die
AN-1061 Die Application Note
AN-84064 Rectifiers 
AN-88867 Fundamentals of Rectifiers
AN-88868 Rectifiers for Power Factor Correction
AN-95043 Mounting Instruction for Gen VII ADD-A-PAK
AN-95386  Mounting Instructions for low profile Dual INTA-PAK Modules 
AN-95553  Mounting Instructions for Double INT-A-PAK Modules 
AN-95557 Mounting Instructions for MAGN-A-PAK, Super MAGN-A-PAK and MAP Block 
AN-95580  Mounting Instructions for EMIPAK-1B and EMIPAK-2B Series Modules 
AN-95594  Mounting Instruction for ECONO2 modules 
AN-95601        Mounting Instructions for TO-244 Modules 
AN-95605 Mounting Instructions for DO-8, DO-9, B-8, DO-30 stud devices 
AN-95643  Mounting Instructions for MTK Modules 
AN-95690  How to Design an Rg Resistor for a Vishay Trench PT IGBT 
AN-96048     Mounting Instruction for MTC modules

Design Tips

Document Description
DT 08-1 Transformer Circuit Conversion Calculations
DT 93-1 Testing High Power SCRs and Diodes
DT 93-3 500V IGBT's Replacing Mosfets
DT 93-4 Current Capability of TO-220 Package
DT 94-2 Choosing Between Multiple Discrete and High Current Modules
DT 94-4 Trade-Off Considerations Between Efficiency and Short Circuit Capability in IGBTs
DT 94-5A Power Transistor in AC Switch Applications
DT 94-11 3-Phase Bridge Drive with Overcurrent Protection (IR2130)
DT 94-14 Isolated SCR Gate Drive Circuit
DT 95-6A Parallel Operation of IGBTs
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