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C&H Technology partners with some of the finest manufacturers in the Power Electronics industry including Vishay, Powerex and Secowest.

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Power Semiconductors Discrete Thyristors / SCR, Discrete Diodes / Rectifiers, IGBT

Vishay HVM / HPP (Formerly International Rectifier High Power Products Division)
C&H Custom Products
Green Power Solutions  

Power Resistors Wirewound Resistors ,Thick Film Resistors, Thin Film, Metal Film, Carbon Film, Thermistors, High Power Ratings, large resistance range, excellent stability. Heat sink or PBC mount packages.

Vishay Milwaukee Resistor
Vishay BCcomponents
Vishay Dale

Power Capacitors Low Voltage AC, Heavy Current Induction Heating, Low ESR Aluminum, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Power Electronic Capacitors, High Voltage ratings, durable for harsh environments

Vishay Cera-Mite
Vishay Dale
Vishay Draloric
Vishay ESTA (Metalized Film Power Capacitor)

Thermistors Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC)

Vishay Cera-Mite (Ceramic)
Vishay Dale
Vishay Draloric

Thermal Solutions Extruded Heatsinks, Bonded Fin Heatsinks, Liquid Cooled Heatsinks

Power Assemblies Diode (Single Phase and Three Phase), Thyristor (Single Phase Fully Controlled and Three Phase Fully Controlled), AC Switch (Single Phase and Three Phase)


Vishay Semiconductors HVM/HPP (International Rectifier, Telefunken, General Semiconductor)

Vishay Semiconductors includes the former International Rectifier High Power Products lines (excluding planar high-voltage MOSFETS), the former Vishay Telefunken product lines, the former General Semiconductor product lines and the infrared component product lines acquired from Infineon Technologies. The Vishay Semiconductors product portfolio includes rectifiers, fast-recovery diodes, high-power diodes and thyristors, small-signal diodes, Zener and suppressor diodes, RF transistors, optoelectronics, power modules (a combination of power diodes, thyristors, MOSFETs, and IGBTs), and automotive modules and assemblies.

Vishay is the world's number one manufacturer of rectifiers, glass diodes, and infrared components.

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Vishay Milwaukee Resistor

Milwaukee Resistor has been designing and manufacturing a wide variety of standard and custom power resistors since 1944. For over 60 years their commitment to customer service, excellent quality, short lead-times and on-time delivery has allowed them to remain a leader in the highly competitive resistor market. Contact us now to experience the design flexibility and manufacturing superiority that Milwaukee Resistor is known for!

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Vishay BCcomponents (Beyschlag Centralab components)

Vishay BCcomponents is a leading manufacturer of passive electronic components. Building upon the tradition of excellence and with close cooperation with customers, Vishay BCcomponents continue with a process of product innovation and improvement. This tradition of excellence include the development of several products that have become industry standards, such as SMD Mini-MELF resistors (now branded Vishay Beyschlag) and a range of aluminum capacitors with industry-leading temperature capabilities. BCcomponents earned the status of preferred supplier to many of the world's leading electronics companies. The latest developments include thin film chip arrays and thin film chip fuses. Products branded Vishay BCcomponents include leaded metal film and metal glaze resistors, thermistors, varistors, variable resistors, ceramic capacitors, aluminum capacitors, and film capacitors.

Vishay Cera-Mite

Vishay Cera-Mite is a worldwide supplier of ceramic capacitors and thermistors for the electronics industry. Vishay Cera-Mite single-layer ceramic capacitors, available from 100 through 40,000 volts, are used in power supplies, electronic lighting, EMI/RFI filtering, and aerospace and industrial applications. Vishay Cera-Mite ceramic positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistors are used for refrigeration and HVAC compressor motor starting, overcurrent protection, telecommunications, and electronic fluorescent ballasts. The products include a wide range of ceramic disc capacitors including AC Line rated disc capacitors — rugged, high voltage capacitors specifically designed and tested for use on 125-volt to 600-volt power sources. Certified to meet demanding Y- and X-type worldwide safety agency requirements, they are used in across-the-line, line-to-ground, and line-bypass filtering applications.

Vishay Dale

The Dale name has meant excellence in passive components for many decades. Vishay Dale products include a broad line of resistors, resistor and resistor/capacitor networks, resistor arrays, inductors, magnetics, connectors, thermistors, crystal oscillators, and panel displays. Products include both commercial and military-grade devices, and an extensive offering of both surface-mount and leaded configurations.

Vishay Dale Power Metal Strip® resistors have a unique technology that makes possible low resistance values, high stability, low inductance and good power handling characteristics. Vishay Dale magnetics include a broad offering of leaded and surface-mount inductors, and transformers. Recent additions include several series of low-profile, high-current power inductors for use in DC/DC converters as energy storage inductors and high-current filter inductors. Also available are Vishay Dale custom-designed magnetic components

Vishay Draloric

Vishay Draloric is a leading brand for MELF products. The Vishay Draloric product portfolio also includes thin film flat chip resistors, leaded film and wirewound resistors, ceramic capacitors, and large ceramic power capacitors.

Vishay Draloric resistors and capacitors for commercial, industrial, and professional purposes include many that are manufactured to CECC, EN, IEC, and other industry specifications. The range of ceramic RF power capacitors has been renowned for over 40 years for quality, durability, and long operating life. Single-layer ceramic capacitors in Class I and Class II ceramic dielectrics are available, together with ceramic RFI suppression capacitors.

The Vishay Draloric portfolio of wirewound resistors covers cemented, vitreous, aluminum-housed, and ceramic-cased models with axial or radial leads or with terminal configurations to suit specific applications. The range of leaded film resistors includes metal film, metal oxide, carbon film, and metal glaze styles with axial, radial, or preformed leads. An extensive range of resistor chips in both thick and thin film technology is a specialty, and all industry standard footprint sizes are provided, as well as CECC approved models.

Vishay ESTA

The ESTA name has long been synonymous with quality, and is backed by adherence to strict quality standards. Vishay ESTA heavy-current capacitors are economically viable solutions that are also highly reliable and environmentally safe. They are used in a wide variety of situations, and are rugged enough to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Applications include energy saving, voltage stabilization, and harmonic control. Vishay ESTA metallized film power capacitors have been developed that offer the highest RMS current rating (up to 800 A) for their size in the industry. The products are aimed at applications such as voltage converters, frequency converters, RFI filters, traction drives, and industrial drives. A large variety of mounting styles are available.

Vishay Roederstein

Vishay Roederstein products include a wide range of film capacitors, including polyester, polypropylene, polycarbonate and RFI suppression, as well as aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Vishay Roederstein facilities are approved to ISO 9001/ISO9002, and most of the film and RFI capacitors are approved to CECC specifications. Three different dielectric materials are used in the manufacture of Vishay Roederstein film capacitors, and each is suited to different applications:

polyester film capacitors are classed as general purpose capacitors
polypropylene film capacitors are typically used in AC and pulse applications at high frequencies
polycarbonate film capacitors are the preferred choice in filter and timing applications

The Vishay Roederstein portfolio of RFI (Radio Suppression) capacitors is extensive, and these products carry additional international approvals to UL, EN, CISPR and IEC specifications with regard to electrical safety.

Vishay Sfernice

The Sfernice name has been well known throughout Europe and in other regions for many years. Today, Vishay Sfernice products include resistors, trimmers, potentiometers, and motion transducers. They include both standard and custom-custom designed components, and are used in a wide variety of applications in many market sectors.
Vishay Sfernice products include fixed resistors in wirewound, metal film, power oxide, thick film, thin film, and foil technologies, as well as a significant range of variable resistors. The variable resistor product range is extensive and encompasses potentiometers, trimmers, and motion transducers, many of which are approved to CECC/UTE/NF or MIL specifications. Cermet and conductive plastic technologies are deployed, and single or multiturn styles are offered. The range of motion transducers includes single-turn, rotational, and linear, and these products are used in military, aerospace, automotive, medical, measurement, robotics, nuclear, and general industrial applications.
A new Vishay Sfernice series of thick film power resistors has been developed, many of which can be mounted onto a heatsink to increase power dissipation. These products typically exhibit high a power-to-volume ratio, low tolerance, and excellent overload capabilities. High-reliability components are a key feature of the Vishay Sfernice product line. Techniques developed to manufacture these components are jointly evaluated by the National Space Study Center (CNES) and ESA/SCC. The devices must undergo stringent testing both during and after manufacture.

Vishay Siliconix

Vishay, through its Siliconix subsidiary, leads the industry in the development of power semiconductor products that improve the efficiency of power management circuitry in end products while reducing space requirements. As the world's number-one brand of low-voltage power MOSFETs (metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors), Vishay Siliconix products play a key role in making handheld and portable electronic systems operate more efficiently from smaller and lighter battery packs. Higher-voltage Vishay Siliconix power MOSFETs are used for applications from electric motor control in industrial systems to converting power in the switches and routers that enable the world's communications networks. Vishay Siliconix power ICs address markets ranging from mobile communications and computing to the fixed telecom infrastructure and include switchmode regulators, linear regulators, and power management devices.
Vishay Siliconix milestones include the first analog switch, the first analog multiplexer, the first small-outline power MOSFET (LITTLE FOOT®), and the first power MOSFETs built on Trench technology (TrenchFET®). This tradition of innovation continues with new silicon technologies designed to maximize power MOSFET performance. In dc-to-dc conversion and load switching, Vishay Siliconix leads the market with high-density TrenchFET silicon processes and with new package options for better thermal performance (PowerPAK®, PolarPAK®) and smaller footprints (ChipFET®, MICRO FOOT®). Vishay Siliconix products also include MOSFET driver ICs, JFETs, and analog switching ICs. The Vishay Siliconix product portfolio has been complemented by high-voltage planar MOSFETs acquired from International Rectifier.
Siliconix was founded in 1962. In 1998, Vishay acquired the Semiconductor Business Group of TEMIC, which included 80.4% of Siliconix. Vishay purchased the remaining 19.6% of Siliconix shares in 2005.

Vishay Spectrol

The Vishay Spectrol product group is a full line of variable resistive products, including precision potentiometers, trimming potentiometers, position sensing components, motion transducers, turns-counting dials, and accessories. A wide range of both single-turn and multiturn devices are available, and many different terminal configurations including surface mount models are offered. The Vishay Spectrol portfolio features sensing transducer-type potentiometers used primarily in the automotive industry and trimmer potentiometers used in various electronics circuitry. Vishay Spectrol products complement the Vishay Sfernice transducer product line and strengten Vishay’s market position in potentiometers.
Recent additions to the Vishay Spectrol product range include a compact, single-turn rotary potentiometer with advanced design technology that can incorporate add-ons such as cables to simplify fitting in equipment. This product can be offered as a complete, assembled solution. Customized options include special electrical angles, mechanical packaging, and custom functions.

Vishay Sprague

Sprague is well known for developing the first tantalum capacitors and introducing the first surface-mount tantalum chip capacitors. This commitment to innovation is maintained today through the wide Vishay Sprague product line, which includes molded and conformal-coated surface-mount tantalum capacitors, leaded tantalum capacitors, and hermetically sealed tantalum capacitors. Vishay Sprague tantalum capacitors are used worldwide in a variety of applications, from cellular telephones and computers to military and aerospace electronics.
Vishay's acquisitions of capacitor manufacturers including Tansitor and North American Capacitor Company (Mallory capacitors) further strengthened its product portfolio. Vishay has consolidated its wet tantalum capacitors under the Vishay Sprague brand name. Vishay is the number one manufacturer of wet tantalum capacitors worldwide.

Vishay Vitramon

Vishay products include multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs). The high quality level and proven reliability of Vishay Vitramon capacitors make them the first choice for automotive, medical, military, and industrial applications. Vishay Vitramon capacitors feature technology well-suited to highly demanding processing environments, where ruggedness, high reliability, and outstanding quality are required.
Vishay Vitramon chip styles are available in 12 industry-standard footprint sizes from 0402 to 3640 and 8 different dielectric materials. Voltages from 10 V to 3000 V and models for use in operating temperatures up to 175 °C are offered


Secowest includes the former International Rectifier power semiconductor product lines.
The Secowest portfolio includes rectifiers (diodes) and thrysitors (SCR's), fast-recovery rectifiers, high-power diodes and thyristors. C&H Technology is your sole-source for Secowest products.

C&H Custom Products

C&H Custom Products Division concentrates toward the added value of the Power Semiconductor industry. Quality products, reliability, and service committed to excellence through the latest technology, engineering solutions and world class customer service.


• Custom Part Marking
• Gate Lead Modification
• Bar Coding
• JIT (Just-in-time) Delivery
• Consignment Stocking Programs



• Blocking Voltage (VRRM/VDRM)
• Leakage Current (IRRM/IDRM)
• Forward Voltage Drop (VF,VT)
• Gate Trigger Current (IGT)
• Gate Trigger Voltage (VGT)


• 3D Auto CAD Drawing
• Power Assemblies - Design & Development
• Thermal Analysis
• Heat Sink Applications/Designs
• Device Failure Analysis


GrandPower Components

GrandPower Components is a company dedicated to supplying power semiconductors to the Maintenance and Replacement Operations Industry. GrandPower Components strength is the ability to quickly and accurately cross-reference even the most hard-to-identify semiconductor manufacturers’ and original equipment manufacturers’ part numbers. Combining the extensive inventory, with the ability to ship same day or next day upon request, minimizes costly “down time”. GrandPower Components has over 50 years experience specifically in power semiconductors, offering expertise you can count on.



Poseico S.p.A. located in Genoa, Italy is dedicated to research, design, manufacturing and trade of high power diodes, thyristors, GTOs, IGBTs, power assemblies and traction rectifiers.

Poseico S.p.A. is the MBO (Management Buy Out) Corporation issued in 2001 from the former Semiconductors Department of Ansaldo Trasporti that started its production in 1970. Throughout continuous improvement in technology, quality and reliability of its devices, is as been recognized as a European leader in the high power semiconductors market.


Green Power Solutions

GPS (Green Power Solutions) originated as a device reliability analysis laboratory located in Torino, Italy. GPS has continued to branch out in the area of electronic solution manufacturing, specifically oriented to custom application redesign. Today GPS serves customers all over the world with its semiconductor branch, in charge of a complete line of power diodes and thyristors and with its solution-oriented branch, focused on the GPS extensive line of integrated assemblies for a variety of end applications, including motor drives, electroplating power supplies, power conditioning and so on.


Power Semiconductors

A pioneer in high power semiconductor applications, Powerex offers a broad line of products, including IGBT; MOSFET Modules; Intelligent Power Modules (IPM); DIP-IPMtm; Module Accessories (including gate drivers and DC-DC Converters); Discrete Thyristors/SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier); Discrete Rectifiers; Thyristor and Diode Modules; Fast Recovery and Three-Phase Diode Modules; Assemblies; IGBT Assemblies; and Custom Modules. Powerex supports many markets, including transportation, AC and DC servo drives, AC and DC motor controls, UPS, alternative energy, medical power supplies, welding, induction heating, electric vehicles, aircraft and white goods.

International Rectifier

Electric Panelboard

Both industrial and original equipment professionals everywhere choose ERICO's ERIFLEX® system of low-voltage components for electrical panels. ERIFLEX saves space within the panelboard and offers an extensive, comprehensive range of products with proven reliability, time-saving benefits and superior technical support.

ERICO also offers a complete range of low tension components for electrical constructions according to IEC 439-1.

Thyristor Assembly, Rectifier Assembly, Heat Sink Assembly Rectifier, Diode Module, Hockey Puk Rectifier Thyristor Module, SCR, Silicon Controlled Rectifier Three Phase Bridge Rectifier IGBT Modules
Aluminum Housed Wire Wound Resistor, Thick Film Resistor Power Electronic Capacitors, Metalized Film Capacitor Heat Sinks, Extruded Heat Sink, Bonded Fin Heat Sink Semiconductor Clamp, Diode Clamp, SCR Clamp Power Semiconductors