C&H is excited to add ABB Semiconductors to our product offerings! Please call or email with any questions or quote needs!


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C&H Technology is an authorized distributor of
 Vishay & Powerex

Vishay and Powerex Distributor

C&H Technology is proud to offer one of the largest portfolios of Power Electronic Components for heavy industrial applications: welding, battery charging, steel, aluminum, mining, water, waste treatment, forklifts, overhead cranes, industrial motor control, transportation, power generation, wind turbines, solar inverters and many others.

For over 30 years we have earned your trust for quality products, reliability and service. We are committed to maintaining our excellence through the latest technology, engineering solutions, extensive inventory and world class customer service.

RECTIFIERS: High current, high voltage industrial Rectifiers and Diodes—Standard recovery, Fast recovery and Schottky Diodes. FRED and HEXFRED.

THYRISTORS: Single and Three Phase Bridge Rectifiers, Three Phase Thyristors. Packaged fully compatible with industry standard INT-A-Pak Power Series.

BRIDGE RECTIFIERS: Phase control, Inverter grade, Thyristor Die – packages for Stud, Hockey Puk and Discrete, High current and high voltage SCR Module packages.

IGBT MODULES: Standard and Ultrafast frequencies. Wide selection of Standard and Custom package Styles.

RESISTORS: Thick Film Resistors, Wirewound Resistors, Power resistors. High Power ratings, large resistance range, excellent stability. PCB or Heat Sink mountable packages.

CAPACITORS: Power Electronic Capacitors, Low Voltage AC, Low ESR-Heavy Current, Heavy Current Induction Heating, Low ESR Aluminum, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors. High Voltage ratings and durable for harsh environmental conditions.

HEAT SINKS: Extensive inventory of all types of Extruded Heat Sinks, Bonded Fin Heat Sinks, Liquid Chill Blocks, Liquid Chill Plates, Aluminum Heat Sinks, Copper Heat Sinks, Liquid Cooled or Air cooled - we can accommodate prototypes and large production runs.

ASSEMBLIES: Large selection of Rectifier Assembly Diodes, Thyristor Assemblies (SCR's), IGBT Assemblies and Heat Sink Assemblies. We also offer custom assemblies, air cooled assemblies and liquid cooled assemblies with many High Power Heat Sink Accessories.

CLAMPS: Complete line of Box Clamps and Bar clamps for Hockey Puk type disc semiconductors, precalibrated to simplify procedures on the assembly line. Ultra high dielectric properties for high temperature usage.

We at C&H Technology would like the opportunity to find you a solution for your extruded heat sink and power semiconductors projects. Please call us at 1-800-274-4284 or email us.

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Aluminum Housed Wire Wound Resistor, Thick Film Resistor Power Electronic Capacitors, Metalized Film Capacitor Heat Sinks, Extruded Heat Sink, Bonded Fin Heat Sink Semiconductor Clamp, Diode Clamp, SCR Clamp Power Semiconductors