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C&H Technology, Inc. of Minnetonka, Minnesota has celebrated over 30 years of specializing in Power Electronic Components. Over the years we have added thousands of products and have become a global leader specializing in: Rectifiers (Diodes), Thyristors (SCR's), Bridge Rectifiers, Assemblies, Heat Sinks, Bar Clamps, Box Clamps, IGBT and this last year we have added Resistors, Capacitors and Thermistors.

C&H Technology and our partners believe quality and service are essential. Our sales team is experienced and ready to help you accomplish your goals.

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Corporate History

  • Incorporated in 1979 as a privately held sales and marketing company specializing in Power Semiconductors  (rectifier, diodes, Thyristor, scr) and Electronic Components.
  • Initially, the company marketed and sold Selenium Rectifier products. An agreement was completed with Secowest of Torino, Italy a manufacturer of Silicon Power Semiconductors, to market their products in the United States.
  • In 1985 an agreement with Ansaldo / Poseico was reached for specialized power semiconductors.
  • International Rectifier acquired Secowest in 1987 and C&H Technology partnered with International Rectifier promoting power products.
  • In 1997 with the idea of advancement toward the future, C&H Technology increased engineering and manufacturing capabilities to include Power Assemblies, Power Hybrids, Clamps and Heat Sinks (Extruded and Bonded Fin).
  • Vishay acquired International Rectifier High Power Products in 2007 and C&H Technology has increased partnership with Vishay for power semiconductors, power capacitors, power resistors and Thermistors.

MRO & Distribution Division

Grand Power Components is available for your repair, replacement and maintenance needs.
Grand Power Components
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Value Added Services

  • Engineering and CAD/CAM Capability
  • Electrical Testing
    • Blocking voltage
    • Forward Voltage drop matching
    • SCR gate current
  • Custom part marking
  • Lead and terminal modifications
  • Bar coding
  • Just-In-Time and Kanban Delivery

Contact us for more information about our power semiconductor, rectifier and thyristor products.

Thyristor Assembly, Rectifier Assembly, Heat Sink Assembly Rectifier, Diode Module, Hockey Puk Rectifier Thyristor Module, SCR, Silicon Controlled Rectifier Three Phase Bridge Rectifier IGBT Modules
Aluminum Housed Wire Wound Resistor, Thick Film Resistor Power Electronic Capacitors, Metalized Film Capacitor Heat Sinks, Extruded Heat Sink, Bonded Fin Heat Sink Semiconductor Clamp, Diode Clamp, SCR Clamp Power Semiconductors